Eleni Albarosa



Eleni was born in Athens, grew up in Italy and is currently based in Athens.

She stumbled upon photography when she was 14 years old, and gradually realised she had found a means to truly express herself.
When she was fifteen she was published in the Italian National Geographic, a moment which gave wings to her curiosity. Since then she has never stopped playing, reading and exploring the world through her camera lens.

Her relationship with photography has grown alongside her over the years. She tasted every possible angle on life, visually and personally, to find order in the chaos she felt inside her. Always looking with optimism, Eleni hopes to communicate the beauty she sees in the world, giving it as a gift to others.

Her photo-journalism experiences increasingly draw her focus towards the social, political, economic and cultural contexts around the world, educating her understanding of the many possibilities of photographic communication. Eleni is currently studying Anthropology at the University of Bologna, while simultaneously conducting photo-reporting projects abroad, submerging herself in new spaces, the people she meets, and the stories they tell, all of which make her eyes light up like sparks.

"Che bella cosa è l'uomo, quando è uomo"


"Nobody has ever fled love, nor ever will while beauty exists and there are eyes to contemplate it."

Longo Sofista