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Eleni Albarosa Exhibition “THE ASSUMPTION OF MARY: A tiny poem from Olympos”


Karpathos is the second largest of the greek Dodecanese islands, in the southeastern Aegean Sea. Olympos is a mountainous and secluded village in Karpathos island, where villagers keep the local dialect and traditional customs. On August 15th, the official celebration of the Assumption of Virgin Mary gives the opportunity to Olympians, who have immigrated to USA, to gather with their families. Early in the morning, in typical local houses with hand-woven textiles and handmade dishes hanging from the walls, girls are getting dressed in traditional costumes. They wear golden jewelers and they also hang necklaces with golden coins on their necks, as a sign of family’s wealth. Usually, women bring to the church bread in big flowered baskets, as an offer to Virgin Mary. After the church service, a meal is served to all comers in the church’s hall of Megaron. In the evening, men with musical instruments such as lyra and laouto, are sitting around a table at the central square called “Plati”. They start playing table songs, whose progression is really slow. The youngest men of the village start dancing around musicians and late at night women join them. When the tsampouna player arrives, all musicians change seats and move with their chairs on top of the table, where they sit, playing songs improvised on the spot called “mantinades”. The dancing keeps up until morning.

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Biennale of Photography Bassano Fotografia

Palazzo Bonaguro

Via Angarano, 77, 36061 Bassano del Grappa VI, Italy

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Kasia Trojak Solo Exhibition "Women Untitled"

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“Women Untitled” shows images from a personal long-term project of portraits that I started photographing in Cuba in 2017. It’s a celebration of womanhood, the female beauty and power.  Women have all these roles in society and I photograph quiet moments outside of those roles, concentrating on energy and feeling. To me there’s something beyond the experience of the obvious, of what is presented in the image; the everyday: the idea of being present and feeling something more than what you’re seeing. I aim at finding authentic ways to represent the women’s world. It’s my perspective on my experience here. - Kasia Trojak

All images were shot, printed and framed in Cuba.

Dador Havana • Amargura 253, Havana Cuba

Opening on June 29, 2019

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Stefan Djordjevic Solo Exhibition "Kolos - Downhill Underage"

First solo exhibition of Zero Photos member Stefan Djordjevic will be held in Belgrade, Serbia on the 21st of March in the U10 gallery. The exhibition will be open until 6th of April.


"Kolos" is the name of my skatebording crew from my hometown, Bor, which was the biggest part of my adolescence. Growing up in a small industrial town doesn't offer much, and for all of us skateboarding was a sort of resistance against apathy and conformism. All of us were different, and we took different paths later in life, but what united us the most was an enormous desire to feel more. Skateboarding also evolved my passion for photography, the result of which can be seen throughout this series. We spent a lot of time together, and I enjoyed capturing this raw energy from the inside, for I feel all of them as my second family.” - Stefan Djordjevic


Stefan Djordjevic ”Kolos”

U 10 Gallery

Kosovke devojke 3

Beograd, Serbia

Opening March 21, 2019

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